Expenses on bids. Bid amount

Expenses on bids

Your expenses for promotion via bids should correspond to your advertising budget. When calculating your budget for promotion on Yandex.Market and determining your bid amounts, take your business indicators into account. These could include your click-to-buy ratio, your share of advertising expenses, your order acquisition cost, average purchase amount, and margin.

Keep the following rule in mind: higher bids → higher positions for your offers → more clicks to your site or more orders on Yandex.Market → both increased revenue from Yandex.Market and increased expenses on advertising through the service.

The opposite is also true: smaller bids → lower positions for your offers → fewer clicks to your site or fewer orders on Yandex.Market → lower advertising costs on Yandex.Market, but also reduced income from the service.

Recommendations on bid amount

Bid amount is not fixed on Yandex.Market: stores are constantly updating the size of their bids. Yandex.Market analyzes stores' bids in real time and provides information about the bid size that is required for an offer to occupy a given position for a given placement location. Where you can determine your optimal bid amount:

Bids are given in Yandex units.

Automatic optimization of bid amount

Bid amount can be set with a margin, so don't worry about overpaying. Yandex.Market implements an automatic bid optimization system (autobroker).

You can set the maximum CPC that you are willing to pay. Meanwhile, the autobroker will reduce your bids to the lowest possible amount that will still ensure that your offer retains its intended position, accounting for competitors' bids.