Offer promotion via bids

The higher the position of an offer, the more users will see it and click on it. The position an offer gets in default sorting depends on:

  • Financial factors (cost per click).

  • Non-financial factors (including the attractiveness of the offer and its relevance to the user's query).

The position is determined in real time using machine learning algorithms. This occurs every time a user loads a page on Yandex.Market. The ranking criteria are different in the product profile and in the Yandex.Market search.

To improve the position of your offers and attract more potential customers from Yandex.Market, you can leverage both financial and non-financial factors:

  • Improve the content you upload to Yandex.Market.

  • Increase your CPC — that is, participate in Yandex.Market auctions and place bids. Your bids must not be lower than the minimum price.