Bids: increasing CPC

Increase your CPC to improve the position of your offers and attract more potential customers to your site. To increase your CPC, reference the principles of auctions and bids.

Bids must not be lower than the minimum price. If you set a bid below the minimum cost, the minimum cost will be charged.

Types of bids

You can set your CPC (bid) in the following ways:

  • For all products simultaneously, using default bids.

  • For each product separately, using individual product bids.

Default bids

For all your products simultaneously, you assign a CPC that is higher than the minimum Yandex.Market price. As a result, the positions of all your offers are increased relative to offers that have lower bids or that don't have bids.

For more information, see Default bids for all products.

Individual product bids

You set your own CPC for individual offers in order to manage the positions of certain products (for example, for those with the highest margin).

Note. Individual product bids take priority, even if they are lower than the default bid. Changes in default bids don't affect individual product bids.

Ways to manage your bids

Default bids

Default bids can only be set in your Yandex.Market store account.

Individual bids

Individual bids can be configured in the following ways:

  • In PriceLabs (interface only available in Russian): configure your rules once, then the service will automatically calculate your bids and send them to Yandex.Market.
  • In your store account: specify a value for each product individually, or for a whole group of products simultaneously.

  • In the price list: set a value for each product individually.

Situations in which bids don't affect position

The following are situations in which bids (of any type) don't affect position, or in which their effect is limited:

  • Bids don't affect whether a product makes it into the “Low price” section.

  • Bids don't affect the positions of offers in Yandex.Images or whether they are shown there.

  • Bids don't affect the position of offers if the user has implemented sorting (for example, by price or by rating and price).

  • In Yandex.Market search, bids only affect the relative position of offers (within a group of similar offers with identical relevance).