Troubleshooting when configuring delivery term and customer pickup conditions

We recommend that you check your offers on Yandex.Market (use the store filter to find them) and make sure that the delivery terms and pickup conditions are displayed accurately. If something is wrong, check the settings in accordance with the recommendations provided below.

My offers are not displayed on Yandex.Market

Possible reasons:

  • The product can't be received in any way.

    In the price list, the delivery, pickup, and store elements have the value false. For an offer to be displayed on Yandex.Market, specify the value true for at least for one of the methods by which customers can get the product. Also make sure that delivery terms and/or pickup conditions have been set up.

  • Conditions have not been configured for either delivery or pickup.

    In the price list the delivery, pickup, and store elements have the value true, but terms of delivery are not specified in either the price list or in the personal account, nor have points of sale been created. Without these conditions, the offer can't be displayed on Yandex.Market.

  • All methods for receiving the product are configured incorrectly.

    The price list indicates that the products can be obtained in some way — at least one of the elements delivery, pickup, and store have the value true, while others have the value false. But for the methods that are indicated as being active (with the value true), conditions have not been configured.

    Example 1
    The delivery and pickup elements have the value false. The store element has the value true, but in the store account no points of sale have been created with either type торговый зал (“retail store”) or type пункт выдачи и торговый зал (“pickup point and retail store”).
    Example 2

    The store and pickup elements have the value false. The delivery element has the value true, but:

    • Terms of delivery are not specified in your price list or in your store account.

    • The terms of delivery are configured incorrectly (for example, in your store account one of the following rates is selected: “Вес”“Weight”, “Вес и цена”“Weight and price”, “Категория и вес”“Category and weight”, but the weight is not specified).

The offer is not displayed in one or more regions

  • Delivery terms and pickup conditions for the region are not configured

    The delivery rate for the region is not configured or Нет курьерской доставки (“No courier delivery”) has been selected, while meanwhile no delivery service has been indicated and there are not any points of issue in the region. Yandex.Market cannot display the offers because there is no information about how customers can obtain the products.

  • You have disabled offer display/delivery

    The option Приостановить показ предложений (“Suspend offer display”for the local region) has been enabled in your store account or Приостановить доставку по региону (“Suspend delivery to the region”for other regions).

An incorrect delivery period or cost is shown for an offer

Local region, rates have been passed in the price list
Any region, rates are configured in your store account
  • It is possible that the region includes oblasts, districts, and municipalities with differing rates and delivery periods.

  • Check your table of rates and make sure that the time in the field “if you order before” is entered correctly and is entered for the store's local time zone.

  • In your price list, there might be a available element with the value false. Enter the value true or delete the element.

  • The business hours of your delivery service are set up incorrectly.

  • If your rates are configured by category, then:

    • For some products, category may be specified incorrectly.

    • Delivery conditions are not configured for some category (in this case, conditions are applied from the group Прочие категории“Other categories”).

Two delivery methods are shown for an offer with the same price and delivery period.

  • If the rates for your local region have been passed in the price list, check the data in the delivery_options element. Each delivery type should be indicated in only one option element. If in two option elements the values of the cost or days attributes are the same, this means the elements are set incorrectly (even if the values of the order-before attributes vary).

  • Check the rates in your store account. If two types of delivery are configured (the option Добавить вариант [“Add option”] was used during configuration), they must differ both in price and delivery period. If both types of delivery have the same price or delivery period, that means the settings are configured incorrectly (even if the times for “if you order before” are different).

The delivery terms that were set up are not displayed in the store account

You probably deleted the price list with the categories that you set up delivery terms for. You can view all your price lists on the page Ассортимент → Прайс-листы (“Assortment → Price lists”).

If a price list has been deleted, you need to upload it again and reconfigure its terms of delivery.