How to quickly update data using the API

  1. Update prices and discounts
  2. Hide products form Yandex.Market

With the help of the Yandex.Market Partner API you can quickly update information on prices and discounts, and can also hide offers from Yandex.Market.

Update prices and discounts

Implement new prices using the Setting offer prices request and they will be updated on Yandex.Market in 5–10 minutes. The new prices will be set for 30 days, then the prices from the price lists will again take effect.

Note. The price indicated in the API takes precedence over the price from the price list. It is valid for 30 days, even if you update the price in the price list during that period. The price from the price list will take effect after 30 days, or as soon as you delete all prices indicated in the API.