The barcode parameter is where you enter the numeric barcodes of products.

Data that is passed using the barcode parameter is used to:

  • Locate your store's offer via barcode in the Yandex.Market search.

  • Link offers with product profiles.

  • Display the characteristics of the product modification that the specified barcode corresponds to.

Use the barcode parameter to pass the manufacturer's barcodes. If the store uses its own barcode system that differs from manufacturers' barcodes, these internal barcodes do not need to be passed. You can't use them to link your offer to a product profile.

Attention. If you need to add a barcode for your records, use the ISBN element.
  1. Element requirements
  2. Verifying barcodes
  3. Usage guidelines for the YML format

Element requirements

  • The following barcode formats are supported: EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, and UPC-E.

  • This element can only contain digits. If this element contains spaces, non-numeric characters or other letters, then an error will be detected during verification.

  • Barcodes must consist of 8, 12, or 13 digits. Barcodes containing more than 13 digits are used in labels on product shipping boxes and to exchange data between companies. These barcodes do not need to be passed.

Verifying barcodes

Barcodes are checked not only for proper length and format. The check digit, or the last digit of the barcode, must also match the other digits in accordance with a predetermined formula.

The first digit also indicates the validity of the barcode. If the value of the element begins with the digit 2, it is most likely an internal store barcode. Use the manufacturer's barcode instead.

When passing data in the price list, make sure that you enter the correct barcode. If you accidentally pass the barcode of another product, your offer will be linked with the wrong product profile and the service will hide the offer in all regions. If you enter the barcodes for a specific product modification, Yandex.Market may display the incorrect characteristics for the product. If this happens, you will receive a quality error and your store will be disconnected from Yandex.Market.

Example with an incorrect barcode

The store entered two barcodes for a set of bed sheets. One barcode is for the full-size set while the other is for the European size. Meanwhile, in the price list the store only entered the name and description of the full-size set. As a result, the product profile for the store's offer displays the European size due to the differing barcodes.

Usage guidelines for the YML format

In the YML format, one barcode parameter may contain only one barcode, whereas any number of barcode parameters can be included in the <offer> parameter, since one product can have several manufacturer barcodes listed in different systems.

YML example:

    <!-- items included in offer -->
    <model>RX-1100 (Cosmos S)</model>
    <vendor>Cooler Master</vendor>

The barcode element is optional.