Use the description element to pass a detailed description of your product (such as its features, advantages, and purpose). Data will appear:

  • In the Yandex.Market search results, in your offer section (if the category is without a profile).

  • On the «Prices» page of the product profile, in your offer section.

Внимание. Do not pass the terms of sale in this element (for example, information about promotions or prepayment). Use the sales_notes element for that.
Example of a product description (YML)
    <!-- элементы, входящие в offer -->
    <description>Односторонний матрас средней жесткости на основе блока независимых пружин EVS 500. Наполнители: пенополиуретан и латексированная кокосовая койра. Размер: 90x195 см, высота: 17 см. Максимальный вес на одно спальное место: 100 кг.</description>

Why provide a description

Send a detailed description to:
  • Attract more customers: your offer will stand out among others.
  • Get targeted traffic: the users will get detailed information about the product on Yandex.Market and go to your website to purchase it.

Description requirements

  • Maximum text length is 3,000 characters (including spaces).

  • It isn't allowed to use data that don't belong to the product description:
    • Phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, ICQ numbers, instant messenger usernames, or any URL links.
    • The words «discount», «sale», «cheap», «gift» (except for gift categories), «gratis», «promotion», «special price», «free», «new», «equivalent», «order», «hit».
    • Terms of sale of the product, such as information about promotions or prepayment (to be sent in the sales_notes element in YML or Условия продажи «Terms of sale» in XLS).
    • Region where the product is sold.
    • Information about different product modifications (for example, you can't write «variations available»). Create a separate offer for each modification.
  • In a YML price list, the description may include text with XHTML tags, but this data can only be included in the character data (CDATA) section:

    Text using XHTML markup
    Внимание. If you use XHTML markup, make sure that the price list is validated on the page Ассортимент → Прайс-лист («Assortment → Price list»).

Using XHTML markup in YML

Example of a description that uses XHTML tags:
    <!-- elements included in offer -->
        <h3>One-sided medium firm mattress with individual pocket springs EVS 500</h3>
            <li>polyurethane foam</li>
            <li>latex coconut coir</li>
Rules for usage
  1. You can use the following XHTML tags:

    • <h3>...</h3> — for indicating a header.

    • <ul>...</ul> — for creating a bulleted list where each item must be enclosed in the tags <li>...</li>.

    • <p>...</p> — for creating a new text paragraph.

    • <br/> — for creating a line break, but no more than two in a row.

  2. Follow the XHTML general rules, including:

    • You must always include a closing tag.

    • Tags must be correctly nested within each other.

    • Tags must be arranged in the correct order.

  3. Don't use styles. They are not supported.