Using the min-quantity element, you can specify the minimum number of products per order in the following categories:

  • Автошины (Tires)
  • Грузовые шины (Truck tires)
  • Мотошины (Motorcycle tires)
  • Диски (Wheel rims)
Note. For all other categories, use the sales_notes element.


This element is used in YML and CSV formats and is not required. If the element is omitted, its default value is 1. In YML format, the element is included in the offer element.

Examples for YML format

A store only sells tires in sets of four.

<offer id="2334455">
    <!-- элементы, входящие в offer -->
    <name>Автошина Nexen Winguard Spike 175/65 R14 86T шип</name>

They only sell wheel rims by the pair.

<offer id="2334455">
    <!-- элементы, входящие в offer -->
    <name>Колесный диск K&K Игуана 5.5x14/4x98 D58.5 ET35 Блэк платинум</name>
Note. If the product can be purchased in individual units, but such purchases are more expensive per unit than buying several units at once, you can construct two separate offers (one for each price) in the price list.