Use the param element to send product characteristics and parameters, for example: color, size, material and so on. We recommend that you specify parameters for all products so that they are shown in the filtering results.

How to use this element

One <param> element describes one characteristic. The <offer> element can contain any number of <param> elements.

  <param name="Размер экрана" unit="дюйм">27</param>
  <param name="Материал">алюминий</param>
  <param name="Wi-Fi">есть</param>
<param name=" " unit=" ">...</param>
  • In the name attribute, specify the parameter name (required).

  • In the unit attribute, set the measurement units (optional for numeric parameters). How to specify complex units of measurement.

  • In the <param>...</param> element, set the parameter value.

Why submit parameters

  1. Your offer will be included in search results and filtered searches. The characteristics and parameters that are specified in the param element are used:

    • To automate the filtering of Yandex.Market search results.

    • When the user filters offers on the product profile.

    Note. When filtering results, the parameters specified in the param element are given preference over the data automatically extracted from the description element.
  2. Offers that include detailed characteristics and descriptions are more attractive to customers. The more parameters on your offer page, the more likely the customer will choose it.

    In addition, these parameters are displayed in your offers section in the Yandex.Market search results.

  3. This element affects how your offers are linked to the product profile in some categories. For example, you must specify the size and color in the Одежда, обувь и аксессуары (Clothing, shoes and accessories) category.

What parameters to send

You choose a set of parameters yourself, based on the filters in the appropriate category or on the product profiles.

There are no restrictions on parameter names or their quantity. However, the more parameters you provide, the higher the position of your offer in the Yandex.Market search results.

Name in Russian Name in English Unit of measurement




Colour or Color













mm, cm, m



mg, g, kg



ml, l

How to indicate a color from the manufacturer

Some categories support colors from manufacturers, for example, “Mineral Purple” or “Mickey”. Download a list of such categories.

We recommend that you specify both colors, the regular color and the manufacturer's, in such categories. Check the manufacturer's color on their official website.

Example in YML format:

<param name="Цвет">Mineral Purple</param>
<param name="Цвет">Purple</param>
Tip. Users of decorative cosmetics often search by the manufacturer's color. For such products, specify the manufacturer's color with the normal color (as shown above). This way your offers will be shown when users filter by color, and customers will be able to find the product they want.

If the color was specified correctly, but the product is not displayed in the filtered results, please let us know using the feedback form.

How to specify parameters for mobile phone parts

For products from the category Запасные части для мобильных телефонов (Parts for mobile phones) specify the manufacturer and the compatibility with different phone models. To make sure that your products end up in the filtered results, enter these parameters in the price list.

Examples in YML format
  • Parts manufacturer:
    <param name="Производитель">Samsung</param>
  • Manufacturers of phones that are compatible with this part:
    <param name="Производитель телефона">Samsung</param>
    <param name="Производитель телефона">LG</param>
  • Phone models that are compatible with this part:
    <param name="Модели Xiaomi">Mi A2</param>
    <param name="Модели Xiaomi">Mi A2 Lite</param>
    <param name="Модели Honor">10</param>
    <param name="Модели Honor">10 Lite</param>

Complex units of measurement

You can specify complex units (for example, square meters or degrees Celsius) in any common format. Examples:

Square meters: м2 м2 кв. м
Degrees: °C C град.

Licensor, franchise, and character

If you sell licensed products, specify the licensor, franchise, and character:

  • In the element name, for simplified type of offers.

  • In the elements param, for custom type offers.

Download a list of popular manufacturers and licenses.

Example for custom type:

<param name="Франшиза">Cars</param>
<param name="Лицензиар">Disney</param>
<param name="Персонаж">Lightning McQueen</param>
Note. You can use a franchise for <param name="Тема"> if you have already used a param of this type.