In your personal account, you can choose the taxation system and VAT rate that are suitable for most of your products. According to the general taxation system, the VAT for individual products may differ. For such products, pass the rate in the vat element.

It will be used only if you enable the upload of rates from the price list.

  1. Examples in YML format
  2. Possible values
  3. Possible errors

Examples in YML format


Possible values

Rate Element value vat Explanation



1 or VAT_18

3 or VAT_18_118

The primary rate used for most products.

The 18% rate is automatically converted into 18/118 when calculating the VAT in a receipt.



2 or VAT_10

4 or VAT_10_110

It can be used for children's goods and foodstuff.

The 10% rate is automatically converted into 10/110 when calculating the VAT in a receipt.


5 or VAT_0

Used only for certain types of services.

Not subject to VAT

6 or NO_VAT

It can be used for medical products or software licenses.

Possible errors

Rates for individual products may differ only in the general taxation system. Other systems do not apply VAT to any products. That is why an error can be detected when verifying the price list if you simultaneously:

  • Use any taxation system but for the general one.

  • Enabled VAT rate uploading from the price list.

  • For some products in the vat element, pass any value except “Not subject to VAT”.