Price list FAQ

Errors were found in our price list. What should we do?

Read the error descriptions in your store account, then correct the errors. If you would like more information regarding errors, send a request via the feedback form.

Can I publish a price list if it contains errors?

Yes, as long as the price list doesn't have any critical errors and only contains errors for individual offers. All offers without errors will be published on Yandex.Market. Offers with errors won't be published until you fix them.

When will the new price list be published on Yandex.Market?

All offers on Yandex.Market are updated during full service indexing (every 4 hours). If technical maintenance tasks are underway, the indexing time may be greater. Indexing is not scheduled.

Individual pieces of data (prices, discounts, bids, etc.) are updated faster.

How often do I need to update the price list?

Update the price list as soon as any information about your products on Yandex.Market changes.

How do I add another price list?

Note. Here and further in this section the names of elements in the Russian-language version of the store account and their exact translations into English are shown. Interface texts are translated automatically when switching to the English version, so they change from time to time and may not match the translated names on this page.

On the page Ассортимент → Прайс-лист (“Assortment → Price list”) press Добавить прайс-лист (“Add price list”) and upload another price list or provide a link to the new price list.

How do I update the price list?

Your price list is uploaded in your store account

On the page Ассортимент → Прайс-лист (“Assortment → Price list”) press Обновить (“Update”) to the right of the price list.

The price list is uploaded from Microsoft Excel

In the Excel file containing your products, click Upload products under Settings.

My price list is on my website
  • If the URL where the price list is located hasn't changed, just update the file at that address. The Yandex.Market robot will automatically download the updated file.

  • If the URL has changed, update it in your store account, on the page Ассортимент → Прайс-лист (“Assortment → Price list”).

What is the difference between simplified and custom offer descriptions in YML and CSV?

Offer titles are provided differently in simplified and custom descriptions: in simplified descriptions, the full product name (type, manufacturer, and model) is given in one element, in custom descriptions it is composed of three different elements.

Your product name influences whether users will notice your offer and whether it will appear on the product profile. This is why you should choose whichever type is easier for you to use and maintain. For more information about these differences, see Product information in YML and CSV (offers, offer).

Why is the product image different than the one I uploaded in my price list?

If your image doesn't meet the requirements (for example, if it is smaller than 300 pixels along any side), it may be replaced with the image from the product profile. In the case of such a replacement, the color of the product in the product image may not match the color given in the product description.

To fix this:
  1. Select a new image that meets the requirements. Make sure that it is placed on a new link.
  2. Enter the new link to the image in your price list.
    Attention. If you don't change the link, the image won't be updated.
The image will be updated within 2 days. If the image doesn't update, report it using the feedback form.