How to construct an offer for the category “Комплекты акустики”

These recommendations apply to the following types of products:

  • Dialog brand products from the Jazz and Oscar series.

  • Defender brand products from the Hollywood and Storm series.

  • Sven brand products: models with the letter T at the end of the index (for example, HP-530T, HA-408T).

How to link an offer to a product profile

In order for the system to correlate your offer with the product profile on Yandex.Market, enter the following in the offer title:

  1. Manufacturer name.

  2. Series.

  3. System type (2.0, 2.1, 5.1, etc.).


You want to place an offer with the following data:

  • Manufacturer: AVE.

  • Series: WF 806.

  • System type: 5.1.

The offer title should look like this:

AVE WF 806 5.1

How not to be filtered out

Filters are available on product profiles for this category of products. If the user applies filters, they will only see products that meet the selected parameters or characteristics.

Set the parameters in the corresponding offer elements to make sure that your products end up in the appropriate filtered results:

  • In the offer title.

  • In the param element, in the following form: <param name=" название параметра " unit=" единица измерения (если есть) "> значение </param>.

In the Комплекты акустики (Acoustic kits) category there is a filter for color. Example of passing a parameter in YML:

<param name="Цвет">black</param>

Common mistakes

Required parameters were omitted or incomplete.

AVE 806

Correct title for this offer:

AVE WF 806 5.1