How to construct an offer for the category “Велосипеды”

How to link an offer to a product profile

In order for the system to correlate your offer with the product profile on Yandex.Market, enter the following data for the offer:

  1. Manufacturing company (vendor).

  2. Product model name or article number (vendor code).

  3. Additional parameters.

  4. Model year.

Read our tips on how to specify these parameters correctly.

Manufacturing company

Don't confuse the manufacturing company (vendor) with the supplier of the product or the name of the product line.

Product model name or article number

The model name must be complete and, as far as possible, match the name on the manufacturer's official site. The name may be replaced with the article number (vendor code).

Additional parameters

Specify additional parameters when they are essential for determining the product model: for example, if the model doesn't have an article number (vendor code). If there is a code, the additional parameters don't have to be specified.

Other examples:

The bicycle is a women's version of the model.
Add a word such as Lady, Ladies, or Girls to the model name. Models that are originally female (i.e., there are no male models of that name) are an exception to this rule. In this case, you don't need to specify the Lady parameter.
The bicycle comes with different options

Specify how your offer differs from the basic model.

For example, the standard Stels Navigator has rim brakes. If your offer comes with disc brakes, add that to the description: Stels Navigator Disc. If the difference is that your offer doesn't include a suspension fork, add Rigid. If the opposite is true, indicate Suspension. Nuances such as these are usually described on official sites.

There is a bicycle model with the same name but different wheel size

For example, the same model but for children and teens. Add the Wheel Size parameter to the header.

There is a bike model with the same name but a different color

Add the name of the color.

If additional parameters are not specified (and there is only one option for the bike):

  • It is considered to be a male model (for boys) by default. And if a male model doesn't exist, the model is considered female (for girls).

  • The system automatically inserts the wheel diameter typical for the given product line of the given manufacturer.

Model year

This parameter is important, because the same models can have different characteristics and options in different years.

You don't need to specify the model year in the following cases:

  • The offer specifies the vendor code that has the year embedded in it. For example, the manufacturer Panther has a vendor code looks like this: Here, P is the manufacturer's label, the first number indicates the year (5 means 2007), and the numbers 03 are the bicycle's model number.

    Keep in mind that not all manufacturers put information about the model year in the vendor code.

  • The manufacturer doesn't use any codes and all model names are different. For example, the Upload company and the children's bicycle manufacturers Smoby and Italtrike.

  • The unique article number is specified, which is the model name. For example, models from Novatrack: Novatrack X17983, Novatrack X24623.

How not to be filtered out

Filters are available on product profiles for this category of products. If the user applies filters, they will only see products that meet the selected parameters or characteristics.

Set the parameters in the corresponding offer elements to make sure that your products end up in the appropriate filtered results:

  • In the offer title.

  • In the param element, in the following form: <param name=" название параметра " unit=" единица измерения (если есть) "> значение </param>.

In the Велосипеды (Bicycles) category there are filters for color and for the ratio of frame size to cyclist height. Example of passing parameters in YML format:

<param name="Размер рамы" unit="дюйм">11"</param>
<param name="Цвет">green</param>

Common mistakes

  1. Model year was omitted.

    Example 1
    Merida Matts TFS 100-D

    Correct title for this offer:

    Merida Matts TFS 100-D 2007
    Example 2
    Author A 6600

    Correct title for this offer:

    Author A 6600 (2008)
  2. Additional parameters were omitted.

    Example 1
    Atom Matrix (2007)

    Wheel diameter was omitted.

    Correct title for this offer:

    Atom Matrix 160 (2007)
    Example 2
    Kalkhoff Agattu (2008)

    Number of speeds was omitted.

    Correct title for this offer:

    Kalkhoff Agattu 8G (2008)