How to construct an offer for the category “Цифровые фотоаппараты”

How to link an offer to a product profile

In order for the system to associate your offer on Yandex.Market with the product profile, you must specify:

  • Manufacturer.

  • Model name.

  • Whether it includes a lens (body or kit) and the focal length of this lens (for cameras with a removable lens).

All these parameters are required and they must be specified in the product offer title. It is preferable to use the terms designated by the manufacturer.

Specification of parameters in order to be included in filtered results

Filters are available on product profiles for this category of products. If the user applies filters, they will only see products that meet the selected parameters or characteristics.

Set the parameters in the corresponding offer elements to make sure that your products end up in the appropriate filtered results:

  • In the offer title.

  • In the param element, in the following form: <param name=" название параметра " unit=" единица измерения (если есть) "> значение </param>.

In the Цифровые фотоаппараты (Digital cameras) category there is a filter for color. Example of passing a parameter in YML:

<param name="Цвет">gray</param>

Common errors

  1. Model was omitted.

    Canon PowerShot

    The Canon PowerShot offer won't be recognized by the system because the offer title doesn't specify the product model. The correct offer name looks like this:

    Canon PowerShot A720 IS
  2. Parameters are incomplete.

    Canon EOS 450D 
    EOS 450D 18-55 IS
    Canon EOS 18-55 IS

    The Canon EOS 450D model is offered with a lens (kit) or without (body). The offer title must contain the type of set (body or kit, with the focal length). In place of the "kit" designation, you can specify just the focal length. The offers Canon EOS 450D and Canon 450D will be recognized as "Canon EOS 450D body".

    Offers such as EOS 450D 18-55 IS or Canon EOS 18-55 IS will not be recognized because of incomplete information.

    Correct offer titles look like this:

    Canon EOS 450D 18-55 IS
    Canon EOS 450D kit 18-55 IS
    Canon EOS 450D body
    Canon 450D 18-55 IS
    Canon 450D kit 18-55 IS
    Canon 450D body