How to be categorized correctly

Offers are automatically distributed into categories on Yandex.Market. In order for an offer to end up in the right category, be sure to correctly enter the following in the price list:

If this data is not specified or is specified incorrectly, the offer will be categorized incorrectly and won't generate clicks and orders. Random clicks on the offer won't have conversion: the store will pay for them, but they won't lead to purchases.

Offer title

The offer title is a key factor in categorization. In the title, specify:

  • Product type (for example, “mobile phone”). Be guided by how the manufacturer advertises the product (for example, it would be inadvisable to call an iPad a cell phone).

  • Manufacturer, if applicable (for example, Nokia).

  • Product model name, if applicable (for example, N8).

  • Line or series, if applicable (for example, PowerShot for Canon cameras).

Example of an offer title
Конструктор LEGO DUPLO 5506

In a simplified description, the title is taken from the name element.

In a custom description, the title is constructed from the model, vendor, and typePrefix elements.

Common errors
  • Offer title is too long — Extra, unnecessary information will make it difficult for the system to categorize the offer correctly.

    Аксессуары для Apple iPad 2 и Apple iPad. Установка программного обеспечения 
    и медиаконтента на Apple iPad, iPad2 / iPhone 4 (прокачка)
    Apple iPad 2 Case
  • Offer title is too short— The title may not contain enough information to categorize the offer.

    Interskol PCB-18/52L Chainsaw
  • The product type is entered incorrectly.

    Сотовый телефон iPad 2 16Gb Wi-Fi
    Планшет iPad 2 16Gb Wi-Fi

Product category

Categorization takes into account not only the product category, but also the parent categories (in YML, it is passed as nested category elements). Follow these rules:

  • The final category that the product is classified under must match the product.

  • The list of categories should reflect the names of real product categories and not contain “placeholders” that only the store itself can understand.

    Online store products/Clothing
    Online store products/Warehouse_1
  • The categories that the customer drills down through in order to reach the product should be logical.

    Товары для детей/Одежда/Детские комбинезоны
    Clothing/Women's clothing/Outerwear/Dresses

If your store doesn't have its own list of categories or you aren't sure how to specify a category, you can use:

Attention. The name of the same category may differ slightly on the Yandex.Market website and in the category tree (for example, “Уход за лицом (Facial care)” and “Средства по уходу за лицом (Face care products)”).

Offer categorization is an automatic process. Occasionally offers may end up in the wrong categories, even if you followed the rules described above, or used categories from the category tree or from the Yandex.Market site. If this happens, report the incident to the support service.

Offer description

Categorization takes the description in the description element into account. The text must meet the requirements.

Good description
Часы настенные. Плавный ход секундной стрелки. Питание: 1 элемент АА. 
Размер – 35x35x5 см.
Bad description
Delivery is offered.

Offer type

A simplified or custom description type is suitable for most products. If a special type is used for an offer, for example Лекарства (Medicines) or Книги (Books), it will be published in that specific category on Yandex.Market. The title, description, and category specified by the store won't be taken into account.