How to construct an offer for the “Компьютерная акустика (Computer acoustics)” category

Creating a header for association with the product profile

In order for the system to associate your offer on Yandex.Market with the product profile, you must specify:

  • Manufacturer.

  • Series name.

  • Series modification or vendor code.

All these parameters are required and they must be specified in the product offer title.

We also recommend specifying the type of system (2.0, 2.1, 5.1, etc.).

Genius SW-Flat 2.1 1250
Genius SW-V2.1 1250
Creative GigaWorks G500
Creative Inspire M2600
Logitech 970243
Logitech Z-10

Logitech 970243 and Logitech Z-10 are the same product modification, but the first variation of the name uses the unique vendor code assigned by the manufacturer, instead of the model name.

Common errors

Parameters omitted or incomplete:

  1. Series was omitted.

    Genius SW 1250

    For Genius SW 1250 it is impossible to determine the series, because the 1250 model exists in different series from this manufacturer. Correct offer titles look like this:

    Genius SW-G2.1 1250
    Genius SW-V2.1 1250
  2. Series model was omitted.

    Creative Inspire

    It is impossible to determine the product modification based on the name Creative Inspire, because the Inspire series includes several models. Correct offer titles look like this:

    Creative Inspire T6160
    Creative Inspire S2
    Creative Inspire A320