How to construct an offer for the “Кондиционеры (Air conditioners)” category

Creating a header for association with the product profile

In order for the system to associate your offer on Yandex.Market with the product profile, you must specify:

  • Manufacturer.

  • Model name.

  • Names of all split-system units (or the universal name for the entire system, if given by the manufacturer).

All these parameters are required and they must be specified in the product offer title. It is preferable to use the terms designated by the manufacturer.


The manufacturer Mitsubishi Electric has a model with two split system units: MSZ-GE35VA and MUZ-GE35VA. The following offer titles are correct:

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-GE35VA / MUZ-GE35VA;
Mitsubishi Electric MSZ/MUZ-GE35VA
Note. Abbreviations are allowed in names if the units have the same part in the name.

The Samsung manufacturer has a model with two split system units: AQ07TSB NSER and AQ07TSBXSER. Since Samsung provides a universal name for the split system, you can use it instead of the names of the separate units. The following offer titles are correct:

Samsung AQ07TSB

If the offer is about separate split-system units, you must specify this. These offers do not appear on the product profile, since only full split systems are presented on the profiles.

Special cases

  • For the manufacturer General, the split system has the same name as the internal unit: ASHG09LTCA (the external unit is called AOHG09LTC). The following offer titles are correct:

    General ASHG09LTCA

    if offering the entire split system as a whole

    Внутренний блок General ASHG09LTCA

    if only the internal unit is offered

  • Mitsubishi Electric semi-industrial series.

    This series uses universal external units. A single internal unit can be matched with five different external units. All the offers listed below are different modifications:

    PSA-RP100GA / PUHZ-P100VHA
    PSA-RP100GA / PUH-P100YHA
    PSA-RP100GA / PU-P100YHA
  • General Climate and Hitachi.

    Models from the same series produced in different years have minor technical differences but very similar names. Nevertheless, these are separate models, so it is important not to confuse them.

    For example, in 2010, General Climate produced model GC-S09HRI / GU-S09HR, and in 2011 — GC-S09HRIN1 / GU-S09HRN1.

    For Hitachi models, the last digit in the model name is important: RAS-10SH1/RAC-10SH1 is one model, and RAS-10SH2/RAC-10SH2 is another model.

    For these manufacturers, the product names should be specified exactly to the letter.

  • Gree.

    This manufacturer has difficult names that people often make mistakes in. It is important to specify the names as they are given in the official catalog. For example, there is a model GWH12NB-K3NNB3B. Most likely, the following offer titles will not be recognized:


The Кондиционеры (Air conditioners) category and the product profile will only show full split systems that are composed of units that have been recommended by the manufacturer for combination with one another.

Separate split system units are put in the Комплектующие для кондиционеров (Components for air conditioners) section.

Split systems that are not put together by the manufacturer will not be in the product profiles. For example, if the internal unit from the 2011 line is being used, but the external unit is from a similar 2010 line (MSZ-GE35VA/MUZ-GС35VA).

Common errors

  1. Not all the split-system units were specified.

    Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-GE35VA

    The offer “Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-GE35VA” can't be recognized because the second split-system unit is not specified.

  2. Manufacturer name was not specified in full.

    Mitsubishi MSZ-GE35VA / MUZ-GE35VA

    The manufacturer can't be determined for the offer “Mitsubishi MSZ-GE35VA/MUZ-GE35VA” because both Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries exist.