How to construct an offer for the category “Ноутбуки”

Creating a header for association with the product profile

In order for the system to associate your offer on Yandex.Market with the product profile, you must specify:

  • processor type

  • processor frequency

  • amount of RAM

  • screen diagonal

  • hard disk size

  • type of ROM (optical drive)

  • operating system

  • Wi-Fi or WiMAX

  • Bluetooth

  • 3G support

  • video adapter (if the product modification is differentiated by this parameter)

All these parameters are required and they must be specified in the offer title and description.

The more detailed your product description, the more likely it will get into the desired product profile. This is why we recommend setting not just the required parameters, but additional ones as well:

  • processor label

  • manufacturer's code

Laptop parameters are listed in the order: manufacturer, line, model, manufacturer's code (if given by the manufacturer), and other required parameters in any order. Parameters are separated by a comma followed by a space.

ASUS F5RL T2310 — 1.46 GHz, 1024 Mb, 120 G, DVD-SMulti, 15.4 WXGA, WiFi, Vista Basic
Samsung Q45 a006 Santa Rosa Core 2 Duo-2000, T5250, 12", 2048 (2x1024) Mb, 160 Gb, DVD-Dual DL, WiFi, Windows Vista Home Premium


If you need to display information about a discount on a product, use the parameter oldprice . In oldprice enter the old price of a product, which must be higher than the new price (price).

Common errors

  1. Parameters omitted or incomplete.

    Ноутбук Samsung Q45 в различных конфигурациях
    Samsung Q45 — Core Duo T2330 1.6 ГГц, 12.1", 1024 Мб, 80 Гб

    The system will not be able to recognize an offer with the title “Samsung Q45 Laptop with various configurations” due to insufficient data. The offer “ Samsung Q45 — Core Duo T2330 1.6 GHz, 12.1", 1024 Mb, 80 Gb” does not specify the operating system or communication modules (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or WiMAX), which means the offer won't be associated with a product profile.

  2. The parameters are listed in a way that the system can't separate them from the name.

    NP-A008 T7500(2.2)2048/200DVD-RWWiFiBT/VistaHP/12.1"WXGA/

    Parameters should be separated by commas with spaces.