How to construct an offer for the “Коньки (Skates)” category

Creating a header for association with the product profile

In order for the system to associate your offer on Yandex.Market with the product profile, the offer title must specify:

  • manufacturer (vendor)

  • model name

  • season (production year)

  • age group

Note that the offer title must specify all of the listed parameters.

Manufacturer (vendor) — Brand name. Don't confuse this with the company name that the brand belongs to, because the same company may manufacture products under several different brand names. For example, the company CK produces skates with the brands CK, MAXCITY, and Taxa. To the system, all these brand names are different vendors.

Model name — Full name of the model of skates.

Note that on some official sites, skates made in different colors are separated as different models. Yandex.Market, by contrast, does not count these as separate models. Likewise, you don't need to send two separate offers with models that differ only in color. The exception is cases when the color is part of the model name.

Season (production year) is the season for the range of models from this manufacturer. The season should always be specified, except when:

  • The manufacturer doesn't use the season and all names are different.

  • The unique article number is specified, which is the model name.

Age group — Information that defines which age group this model of skates is for. All skates are divided into three age groups:

  • adult (Senior)

  • adolescent (Junior)

  • child (Youth)

Adult skates are men's models with sizes 39-47 and women's models with sizes 37-44. Adolescent skates are men's models with sizes 33-38 and women's models with sizes 31-36. Child skates are models for boys with sizes 32 and smaller and models for girls with sizes 30 and smaller.

Sizes are specified using Russian standards in Yandex.Market. If the size in the offer doesn't correspond to the Russian system, it will be converted to this standard, then assigned to the appropriate age category.

If you only set a particular size of the model, the offer will be assigned to the age group that this size belongs to. If the offer contains multiple sizes or a range of sizes, the offer will be in the age group that the majority of the specified sizes belong to. It is preferable to specify the age group of the model, instead of the size — this means the system will assign the offer to the correct product profile more quickly.

Specification of parameters in order to be included in filtered results

Filters are available on product profiles for this category of products. If the user applies filters, they will only see products that meet the selected parameters or characteristics.

Set the parameters in the corresponding offer elements to make sure that your products end up in the appropriate filtered results:

  • In the offer title.

  • In the param element, in the following form: <param name=" название параметра " unit=" единица измерения (если есть) "> значение </param>.

In the Коньки (Skates) category there is a filter for color. Example of passing a parameter in YML:

<param name="Цвет">белый</param>
<param name="Color">white</param>


If you need to display information about a discount on a product, use the parameter oldprice . In oldprice enter the old price of a product, which must be higher than the new price (price).

Common errors

  1. Age group was omitted.

    Botas Dagmar, женские
    Easton Synergy EQ10

    The system can't associate the offer with a product profile. It is correct to specify all necessary information:

    Botas Dagmar, женские (взрослые)
    Easton Synergy EQ10 Junior
  2. Season was omitted.

    Спортивная коллекция Condor (взрослые)
    Bladerunner Formula Pro (Junior)

    The system can't associate the offer with a product profile due to incomplete data. The correct offer name looks like this:

    Спортивная коллекция Condor (2011, взрослые)
    Bladerunner Formula Pro Junior, 10-11
  3. The model in the offer is not described in full.

    Спортивная коллекция Fashion (2010, взрослые)
    GRAF Supra 705 (подростковые)

    The first offer doesn't specify the model in the Fashion line. This line includes the models Black, Jeans, and Star. The second offer doesn't specify the blade model — Cobra NT 3000 or Cobra Pro 2000. The correct offer name looks like this:

    Спортивная коллекция Fashion Jeans (2010, взрослые)
    GRAF Supra 705 Cobra NT 3000 (подростковые)