How to construct an offer for the “Оперативная память (System memory)” category

Creating a header for association with the product profile

In order for the system to associate your offer on Yandex.Market with the product profile, you must specify:

  • Manufacturers (Samsung, OCZ, Corsair, Patriot, etc.).;

  • Unique manufacturer's code (vendor code).


  • Form factor (SIMM, DIMM, FB-DIMM, SODIMM, MicroDIMM, RIMM).

  • Number of modules included (if 2 or more).

  • Volume per module (1024 MB, 1 GB, etc.).;

  • Clock frequency and bandwidth (1333 MHz, 667 MHz, 533 MHz).

If you are not sure of the parameters for the memory module, you can just use the vendor code given on the manufacturer's website or the module number.

The more detailed your product description, the more likely it will get into the desired product profile. This is why we recommend setting not just the required parameters, but additional ones as well:

  • CL (CAS Latency, CAS).

    The number of clock ticks from the moment data is requested until it is available on the memory module. The smaller the CL value, the faster the memory works (values are 2, 2.5, 4, 9, and others).

  • Low profile module.

    If the memory module is low-profile (less than standard height), it can be used in short server cases.

  • ECC support.

    The ECC algorithm makes it possible to detect and fix random errors that occur in the data transfer process.

  • Registered (buffered) memory.

    A memory module can have special registers — buffers that quickly save data and reduce the load on the synchronization system, thus freeing up the memory controller.

  • Radiator included.

    The module may have special metal plates attached to the memory chip for improved heat exchange.


The manufacturer and vendor code are specified for the memory module.

Модуль памяти Hewlett-Packard Q7719A

The manufacturer, type, form factor, size, and transfer rate are specified for the memory module.

Kingmax DDR-II DIMM 1 GB (PC2-5300) 667 MHz

The manufacturer, type, form factor, number of modules included, size of each module, and transfer rate are specified for the memory module.

Kingston DDR DIMM 2 Gb KIT 2*1 Gb PC-3200 400 MHz


If you need to display information about a discount on a product, use the parameter oldprice . In oldprice enter the old price of a product, which must be higher than the new price (price).

Common errors

  1. Manufacturer was omitted.

    1024 Mb PC2-6400 800 MHz DDR2 DIMM
  2. The module's transfer rate was omitted.

    Kingston DDR DIMM 512 Mb
  3. The type and form factor were omitted.

    Kingston 512 MB PC133

In all these cases, the system can't associate the offer with a product profile.