Step 2. Configuration

Note. Here and further in this section the names of elements in the Russian-language version of the store account and their exact translations into English are shown. Interface texts are translated automatically when switching to the English version, so they change from time to time and may not match the translated names on this page.

After registration, the page Подключение (“Connection”) will open with a list of configurations that you need to specify. Click on an item to go to its settings.

Общая информация (“General information”)

You provided your basic information during registration. You can edit it later, as well as configure what information is displayed in the Yandex search, configure the tags in links, and add a Yandex.Metrica tag.

Provide legal information about your organization. This information is required by the federal law “On advertising” FZ-38 from 13.03.2006 and is published on Yandex.Market (on the page with store reviews).

Yandex.Market rules dictate that legal information must also be published on the store's website. The information will be verified by the quality control service. The address of the page containing the legal information must be entered in the appropriate field in the store account, as shown in the illustration above.

Прайс-листы (“Price lists”)

Prepare and upload a price list with your store's products. The price list must be constructed in accordance with Yandex.Market rules. For more information, see Price list.

Доставка и оплата (“Delivery and payment”)

Specify delivery regions and set up delivery terms and pickup conditions, as well as payment methods.

Регионы доставки (“Delivery regions”)
  1. Press Добавить (“Add”), create regions, and configure terms of delivery to those regions.

    For more information, see Delivery area and Configuring terms of delivery in your store account.

  2. Click on your local region and configure terms of delivery for it.

    For more information, see Delivery rates and delivery periods.

Pickup points and stores

Press Добавить (“Add”), create points of sale (pickup points and stores), and configure your pickup conditions.

For more information, see Managing points of sale.

Business hours for courier delivery

By default, hours are set to the standard work week (all days excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays). If your couriers or delivery service work on a different schedule, click Изменить (“Change”) and edit the schedule.

For more information, see Business hours for the courier and your delivery service.