Automatic calculation of delivery terms and pickup conditions

Use automatic calculation of delivery terms and pickup conditions in the following scenarios:

The automatically calculated conditions are displayed to customers in regions for which you have already configured delivery and customer pickup. The delivery period and cost are approximate, but quality verification is not conducted on them. This means that your store won't receive a quality error if the calculated and actual conditions don't match.

  1. Available delivery services
  2. Data for automatic calculation
  3. Configuration features
  4. Instructions for setting up automatic calculation

Available delivery services

The table below shows the rates for each delivery service that can be used with automatic calculation. The rates indicate the delivery period and cost, as well as the maximum allowable values for dimension, weight, and dimensional weight. Reference the information in the rates when selecting a delivery service and constructing a price list.

If a product parameter is listed as zero in the rate (for example, dimensional weight), that means there are no restrictions for that parameter.

Attention. If you don't specify the dimensions or weight of a product, or if its values exceed the maximum, then delivery terms won't be calculated and won't be displayed on Yandex.Market. If this is the case, the delivery service will be unable to deliver your products.
Example in which the specified terms of delivery do not match the rate of the service

Let's say that you selected the CDEK service for courier delivery and passed your price list in YML format. In the price list, you entered the following data:

<offer id="3">
    <!-- элементы, входящие в offer -->

The weight and dimensions of the product meet the requirements specified in the CDEK service rate for courier delivery. But this is not the case for the dimensional weight. For CDEK, dimensional weight is calculated using the following formula:

length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) / 5000

Calculating the dimensional weight using the values entered in the price list, it comes out to to 548.8 kg. Meanwhile, the upper limit for the rate is 200 kg. This means that Yandex.Market will not display terms of delivery for this product, and CDEK will not be able to deliver it if it is ordered.

For more information about dimensional weight and how it is calculated, see the English Wikipedia.

Delivery service

Store's local region

Delivery type



Moscow or Saint Petersburg

Courier delivery

CDEK rate for courier delivery

List of local regions

Delivery to pickup points

CDEK rate for customer pickup



Courier delivery

PEK rate


Moscow or Saint Petersburg

Courier delivery

Boxberry rate for courier delivery

Delivery to pickup points

Boxberry rate for customer pickup


List of local regions

Courier delivery

DPD rate for courier delivery


List of local regions

Delivery to pickup points

Pickpoint rate

Russian Post

List of local regions

Courier delivery

Courier online

Delivery to post offices

Package non-standard

Package online

Data for automatic calculation

The weight of the product is determined by the value indicated in the price list (the weight element for YML and CSV files). In the case that it isn't indicated there, it is determined using Yandex.Market data (for example, data from the product profile). If the weight is not specified anywhere, it is calculated automatically for categories from this list.

To enter the product dimensions, use the dimensions element in YML and CSV files. In the element, enter the product's length, width, and height in centimeters.

Configuration features


You don't need to enter a rate for the region. Instead, the rate of the delivery service will be used. If you enable automatic calculation and add your own rate, the delivery terms will be calculated using the data from your rate.

Customer pickup

You don't need to manually create points of sale and enter pickup conditions for each region. Instead, data from the delivery service will be used:

  • Addresses of the selected service's points of sale will be displayed on the Yandex.Market map.

  • The cost and period for delivery to pickup points that is calculated will be shown in the information about customer pickup.

Instructions for setting up automatic calculation

Note. Here and further in this section the names of elements in the Russian-language version of the store account and their exact translations into English are shown. Interface texts are translated automatically when switching to the English version, so they change from time to time and may not match the translated names on this page.
  1. Go to the page Настройки → Доставка и оплата (“Settings → Delivery and payment”).

  2. In the section Курьерская доставка и точки продаж → Регионы доставки (“Courier delivery and points of sale → Delivery regions”), press Добавить (“Add”)if you want to add a new region, or select one that has already been added.

    You can configure delivery and customer pickup in one or multiple regions of Russia, with the exception of your local region.

  3. Make sure that the rates on the tab Свои тарифы (“Personal rates”) are not filled in.

    If you enable automatic calculation and add your own rate, the delivery terms will be calculated using the data from your rate.

  4. On the tab Службы доставки (“Delivery services”) press Добавить (“Add”). In the window Какую службу выбрать (“Which service to choose”) select one of the servicesfor which automatic calculation is available.

  5. For courier delivery and customer pickup, specify what you want to show on Yandex.Market:

    • Calculated timeframes and costs.

    • Only courier delivery, without period or cost (for customer pickup there is no such option).

    • Don't show this delivery method.

  6. Adjust the cost and timeframe of delivery and pickup as necessary. For example, replace the cost with a fixed cost or add a few days to the calculated timeframes.

    Legal information about the adjustment of delivery terms and pickup conditions

    The automatic calculation of delivery terms is used for reference and requires your confirmation. If you don't make changes to the automatically calculated delivery conditions in your Store account before they are displayed on the “Yandex.Market” Service, the delivery terms (delivery period and cost) are considered to be correct and to have been confirmed by you. “Yandex.Market” LLC is not responsible for any negative consequences that may result from the display of automatically calculated delivery terms on the “Yandex.Market” Service.