Configuring delivery and pickup

How to set up delivery

Note. Over-the-counter medicines may now be delivered on Yandex.Market. If your store wants to deliver OTC medicines, you must present evidence of permission for distance selling of medicines and configure your delivery terms.
  1. Make sure that in your price list the delivery option has been declared for the products in question.

  2. Configure your courier delivery regions.

  3. Configure the delivery rates for your region in the price list (YML and CSV) or in your store account.

  4. Configure your delivery rates to other regions.

  5. Enter the business hours of your delivery service.

How to set up customer pickup

  1. Make sure that in your price list the customer pickup option has been declared for the products in question.

  2. In your store account, create points of sale and configure the pickup conditions that apply to the majority of your products.

  3. Configure pickup conditions for individual products in your local region in the price list (YML and CSV).

  4. Configure the business hours for your delivery service.

Attention. Your offers will not be published on Yandex.Market if:
  • Neither courier delivery nor customer pickup are declared in your price list.

  • Courier delivery and/or customer pickup is declared, but delivery terms and/or pickup conditions have not been configured.

How Yandex.Market calculates delivery periods and displays them to users

Yandex.Market shows delivery periods and pickup timeframes in days. The number of days is determined at the moment when the user views the offer, and is updated dynamically, taking into account the following:

  • The delivery period or pickup timeframe that you have specified in your store account or in the price list.

  • The current time in the user's region.

  • The time before which a customer must place an order for the delivery conditions to apply (if such a time has been specified).

  • The schedule of your courier or delivery service.

If a store enters several types of delivery, Yandex.Market shows the option with the shortest delivery period. For products with a status of “Special order”, Yandex.Market displays information stating that delivery may take up to 60 days (or a “pre-order” label if the Yandex.Market database contains a date when the product will officially start being sold)

  • The delivery period within Moscow in 1 day, and to Nizhny Novgorod it is 3 days.

  • These conditions are valid for orders placed before 18:00.

  • The delivery service operates from Monday to Friday.

Options for how the delivery period is displayed under different conditions
Buyer region Delivery period when viewing the offer
on business days before 18:00 on business days after 18:00 on Saturday
Moscow 1 day 2 days 3 days
Nizhny Novgorod 3 days 4 days 5 days
Note. In some cases, Yandex.Market can automatically calculate the delivery time and cost. For more information, see Automatic calculation of delivery terms and pickup conditions.

How delivery terms and pickup conditions affect offer displays

Delivery terms and pickup conditions are taken into account when ranking offers:

  • In the product profile: in the attractiveness of the offer to customers (the conv parameter).

  • In Yandex.Market search: in the relevance of the offer to the user's query.

If the offer does not have delivery rates specified for the user's region, it will be shown below all offers with specified rates — even below more expensive offers when sorted by price with delivery.