Customer pickup and points of sale

If your store offers customer pickup, set up the display of pickup and of pickup points on Yandex.Market. Pickup points may belong to your store or to a partner. If you deliver orders to pickup points in regions beyond your local region, Yandex.Market will display that option to users in those regions.

In addition, you can set up the display of retail stores on the map (points of sale where customers can purchase products immediately, without pre-order).

Where information about points of sale and customer pickup is displayed

Yandex.Market displays the most economical option for customer pickup (within the limit of RUB 99 and 3 days) in the product profile and in the Yandex.Market search next to your offer. The number of pickup points and retail stores is also displayed. On the Map page, pickup points and retail stores are displayed along with detailed information about them.

Information about customer pickup in the offer

Pickup points and retail stores on the Map page

How to post information about customer pickup and points of sale

  1. Add pickup points and retail stores in your store account or via the API.

  2. Set up conditions for customer pickup (pickup timeframe and collection cost):

  3. If some of your products are not available for customer pickup or are not available for purchase without a pre-order, specify that information in the price list. Yandex.Market won't display customer pickup or points or sale for those products, respectively.