Offers are not displayed or displayed incorrectly

The offer is not displayed on Yandex.Market

Attention. Offers are displayed only in those regions which are set in your personal account.

To check whether your offer has been published on Yandex.Market, go to your personal account's Assortment → Offers in categories page and click the link View on Market. The page will display a full list of your store's offers on Yandex.Market. Use the search function to find the product you need.

The offer may be missing from the list of published offers for the following reasons:

  • The offer is not included in the price list.

  • The offer has been added to the price list recently and the system has not indexed the changes yet. New offers are published at the next indexing by Yandex.Market that is done automatically every 3-6 hours. The time of the last indexing is shown at the bottom right of any page on Yandex.Market.

  • An error was detected when verifying the offer. Check the quality error report. If you find the offer on the list of errors, fix the error and click Error fixed. The offer will be published the next time Yandex.Market performs indexing.

The offer is not shown on the product profile or is incorrectly associated with it

If any offers do not appear on the product profile, make sure the following conditions are met:

  • This product model has a product profile and this product category supports selection by parameter.

  • The offer is put in the correct category. You can check if the offer category is correct in your personal account, on the Offers in categories page. (The name of the category the offer is in and the name of the category on the product profile must match.)

  • The offer title is formed correctly. The title must specify the product type, brand (manufacturer), and product model. Example of a correct product name: “Сотовый телефон Nokia N8” (Nokia N8 cell phone). Examples of incorrect names: “Сотовый телефон N8” (Cell phone N8) or “Nokia”.

    Tip. To make sure offers are associated with product profiles correctly, we recommend that you specify your offer's title corresponding to the product profile title on Yandex.Market.
  • The product manufacturer (brand) is specified correctly.

  • The offer title does not contain words that keep it from appearing on the profile, for example, those meaning “discount”, “sale”, “gift”, . It is not allowed to include such words in the offer title according to the requirements for advertising materials.

Offers are categorized incorrectly

Offers on Yandex.Market are categorized automatically (during one or two indexing procedures performed by the service, each indexing taking 3 to 6 hours). When assigning products to categories, the following store data is taken into account first:

If the offers were made correctly, but the products were assigned to the wrong categories, report it using the feedback form.

The store provided an updated price list, but the store's offers are not updated on Yandex.Market

  • Offers might not be published if a critical error is found in your price list. In this case, the system uses the previous correct price list with data. Check the report on price list uploads in your personal account on the Assortment → Report on indexing page .

  • Probably, the data has not been updated on Yandex.Market yet. Indexing is done every 3-6 hours. You can find out the time of the last indexing at the bottom right of any page on Yandex.Market.