A favicon is a small image that is displayed in a snippet in the Yandex search results, next to the site address in the browser address bar, next to the site name in favorites, or in the browser bookmarks.

Favicon example: . Favicon example in search results:

  1. Favicon requirements
  2. How to change or delete a favicon

Favicon requirements

Size: 120 × 120 (recommended), 16 × 16, or 32 × 32 pixels.

Format: SVG (recommended), ICO, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP.

Tip. To make your site logo clearer and more noticeable on Yandex services, make your favicon 120 × 120 pixels or use SVG format.

How to install a favicon

How to change or delete a favicon

To change the favicon in the search results, update the favicon on your site. To delete a favicon from a search, delete its file from the site.

The changes take effect within two weeks after the robot crawls the site again.