Search settings

To find the information you need, simply enter your query in the search bar. If you want to make your search more accurate, use advanced search filters (the iconto the right of the search bar) or query language directly when when entering a query.

  1. Customize search suggestions
  2. Exclude pages with “adult content” from search results
  3. How Yandex arranges search results
To make it more convenient to search for information and use search results, customize Yandex search.
  • After you log in to your Yandex account, your settings are linked to your Yandex ID. The settings data is also saved on your PC (in the cookies file) and remains valid until you change it.
  • The settings are also linked to a specific browser: if you change the browser, Yandex search will have to be set up again. You will also need to update your settings if you delete all cookies (for example, when reinstalling your browser or operating system).
  • If your computer is used by several people or has several browsers installed, you can configure settings for each user and browser separately.

To go to settings, scroll down the search results page and click Settings.

Customize search suggestions

To suggest your favorite websites and show personalized search results, Yandex uses your search history and website click-throughs from search results. Customize the options:

  • Show search history: As soon as you start typing, Yandex offers suggestions, and the search results contain personal responses based on the history of previous queries. To disable this option, log in to Yandex.
  • Show sites that you frequently visit: As soon as you click an empty search bar, there will appear suggestions of your favorite sites.
  • Show the time of site visits: Search results will display the time you visited sites where you previously found answers to your queries.
  • Show search result personalization tags: Personal responses that appear in search results will be marked with a special tag.

Exclude pages with “adult content” from search results

You can exclude documents that contain inappropriate language and “adult” content from search results. To do this, select the appropriate mode under Filter search results at the bottom of the settings page:

  • Family mode: Adult content is completely excluded from search results (even if the query is clearly directed at finding such resources).
  • Moderate filter: Sites “for adults” are excluded from search results if the query is not clearly directed at finding such resources (this mode is enabled by default).
  • No filter: Search results include all the documents found for the query, including internet resources “for adults”.

You can also set up safe search using these resources:

  • Hosts file. In the file, you need to enter the Yandex IP address with the family search mode preset.

For more information, see Filter adult content and Family search mode for companies.

How Yandex arranges search results

Yandex analyzes how well the found document corresponds to the user's query. The more useful the response, the higher it is on the search results page.

Results are ranked automatically. Yandex takes into account the ease of site navigation, its structure, the quality of texts, advertising clutter, and other site properties.