Badges give users more information about websites and help them navigate search results.

Badges are issued by a special algorithm based on user behavior data and can indicate user satisfaction and trust in the site. Each badge has its own requirements that the site must meet. For example, sites with high traffic and a loyal audience get the “Popular site” badge.

How badges are issued and displayed:

  1. Automatic algorithms are used to set badges for sites and display relevant icons in search results.
  2. These algorithms view all resources as equal.
  3. Input data and algorithm results are regularly updated. Yandex doesn't comment on these changes and doesn't guarantee badges to certain sites or icons in search results.
  4. The badges available and the progress a site makes to receive them may differ from country to country.
  5. Yandex reserves the right to change algorithms at any time without notice.
  6. The ranking algorithm takes many factors into account and is aimed at finding the page that best matches a specific search query. A specific page on a site may be the most relevant to the query, even if the site doesn't have any badges.

For more information, see Which sites get badges in search results in Yandex.Webmaster Help.