Combining businesses into a chain or network

Requirements for making a chain

You can combine two or more branches or affiliates into a chain. They must have the following common features:

  • Name (without the type of legal entity or business category).
  • Business category.
  • Website or telephone number.

If the chain has a website, it should show the addresses of all branches.

  • Businesses from the “Bank”, “ATM” and “Payment terminal” categories can't be combined into a chain.

  • Businesses from the “Car dealership” category can be combined into a chain only if these dealerships have two or more addresses in the same region. Note that you have to create a business profile for each brand of car.

  • Dealerships or company representatives can't be combined into a chain if they are not official branches or affiliates of the company.

  • Online businesses can't be combined into a chain or added to existing chains.

How to combine branches into a chain

  1. Make sure all branches are added to the Yandex Business Directory.

  2. Use the form below to send a request to combine branches into a chain.

    In the request, specify:
    • The name of the chain.

    • The website of the chain.

    • The Yandex Business Directory category or type of business.

    • The common phone number for the chain.

    • Names and phone numbers of the branches that are listed in the Yandex Business Directory.

When this information has been added, a notification will be sent to the email address you have entered. Usually it takes about two days to add a new chain and link the branches.

How to choose a category and services for a chain and branches

In the request for combining branches into a chain, you should specify the category (type of business) for the whole chain.

You can choose up to three categories for each branch, but at least one of them has to match the category of the chain.

You can enter services for the whole chain or for a branch.

Services may differ for the branches. Depending on the cateogories chosen, you can choose the details for each branch.

I created a chain, but I don't see it among my businesses

If you received a notification saying that your business branches were combined in chain, but it isn't displayed on the My businesses page, link the chain to your account. To do this, find it in the Yandex Business Directory by name and click This is my chain. Get the verification code and enter it to confirm your rights.

How to update information about branches

You can change information about branches in the Yandex Business Directory interface. For details, see the Updating information section.