About Yandex Business Directory

Yandex Business Directory is an online business directory.

Users can find your business in Yandex.Maps and other Yandex search services if you add your information to the Yandex Business Directory. Specify the business category and additional details (Wi-Fi and parking availability, or the average bill for a cafe or restaurant) to make it easier to find.

A private specialist who repairs equipment or an online store without an actual address can also be listed in the Yandex Business Directory, but users can only find them in Yandex search results. Information about such businesses isn't published on Yandex.Maps.

It's free to add information about your business to the Yandex Business Directory.

A business profile, or a business page on Yandex, is created based on the information about the business. You can use it as a business card, website, or link it on social media.