Editing information

Besides the owner of the business, any Yandex user can send a request to change information about a business.

If a user creates a change request, the business owner receives a message about it and can confirm or reject the edit on the Moderation page.

Editing information in the Yandex Business Directory interface

To edit data, go to the My businesses page and click the link with the business name.

Under Info → Data, you can edit the following information:

  • Status: Choose the current status for your business.
  • Logo: Upload a PNG or JPG file that is at least 200×200 pixels and up to 10 MB.
  • Cover: Add an image to serve as the business profile background in Yandex services. Image requirements: a PNG or JPG file up to 10 MB. The recommended dimensions are 1440×360 pixels.

    The requirements for the content of the logo and cover are similar to the photo requirements.

  • About the business: Specify what your company does, maximum 200 characters.
  • Business category: Choose the main one from the list.
  • Business hours.
  • Website.
  • Social media.
  • Phone: Specify the extension and comment whether to hide the phone number.
  • Email.
  • Business name.
  • Short name: Specify the short name to display on Yandex.Maps placemarks.
  • Location
    Address: Add the floor and office number to the location.

    If the business moved, change the street and building number or move the placemark on the map to the appropriate location. Choose Moving to move the business. A new profile is automatically created at the new address. You can transfer photos and reviews from the previous address to the new one. The profile at the old address will include a mark saying that the business moved.

    To update the business address, edit the street and building number or move the placemark on the map to the new location. Choose Editing current address. The address will be checked and updated in the profile.

On the Services tab, you can enter additional parameters in the selected categories (such as the average bill, free Wi-Fi, and card payment).

On the Requisites tab, specify your company's INN (TIN) and OGRN (business registration number), if any.

You can also add or remove a photo.

Your changes will be checked and updated on Yandex.Maps soon.

Changes made by users

If users edit a business profile in Yandex.Maps, you get a notification. Go to the Info → Changes section for the appropriate business and accept or reject the changes.

For businesses marked with the "Verified" icon, changes made by users are displayed on the Edits page. If you don't reject them within three days, they get published.

For businesses that requested priority placement, changes made by users are also displayed on the Edits page. If you don't reject them, they are published when the advertising campaign ends.

You can change any published edits under Info → Data.

Editing information in Yandex.Maps

  1. Find the business in Yandex.Maps, go to the business profile, and click Edit information.

  2. In the window that opens, select a change option, edit the data, or write a comment. Click Send.


    If you are the owner of the business, in the Edit information window, select Incorrect information. Follow the link to the Yandex Business Directory in the window that opens and correct the information in the Yandex Business Directory interface.

You can see your edits in the business profile immediately. The changes are shown only to you until your edits have been checked. During this time, you will see the following message in the organization's card “Thank you for updating information about this organization. Your submission is currently visible to you, and will be visible to other users after it passes moderation”.

If the edits are in line with our rules and requirements for providing information, they will become available to everyone after verification. Request processing takes about three days.

In Yandex.Maps, information is updated within about three days after verification. The address snippet in search results will be updated within a week.