Statistics on Yandex.Maps and geovisor

In the Statistics → On Yandex.Maps section, you can find out how many search queries were made for your category, how many users were interested in your company, and what the traffic source was. You can also assess your competitors. Data is shown for the last 30 days. Data sources: Yandex.Maps, the Yandex.Maps mobile app, Yandex.Navigator, and Yandex.Search.

To find out in what services and search queries your business were found for, use our geovisor.

Note. Statistics and the geovisor aren't available for online businesses.
  1. Key indicators
  2. Comparison with competitors
  3. Geovisor

Key indicators

Search queries by category

Search in Yandex.Maps and Yandex.Navigator can associate search queries to categories. For example, the search “where to eat” will be associated with the “Cafe” category. One search query can be associated with multiple categories. The system also locates the center of the user's map at the moment of the search query. Knowing your business location, the system counts searches for the specified category within a radius of one kilometer from your business. If there is little data, the radius automatically expands to 5 kilometers.


A competitor is a business with the same category as your organization. Competitors are also searched for within a one-kilometer radius. If there is little data, the radius automatically expands to 5 kilometers.

Direct traffic

Traffic is considered direct when the user searched specifically for your business on Yandex.Maps or Yandex (by business name, business name and place name, and so on) and clicked through to its profile. For example, the user specified "Orlyonok cinema" in the query, found a movie theater named Orlyonok in the search results, and clicked through to its profile.

Discovery traffic

Traffic is considered discovery if the user didn't search specifically for your business, but clicked through to its profile while searching. This includes traffic:

  • From search results on Yandex.Maps by business type, product, service, or address.
  • From the profile of a similar business.
  • Directly from Yandex.Maps placemarks, without searching. For example, the user launched the Yandex.Maps mobile app on a smartphone, saw the “Cinema” placemark a block over, and clicked through to the profile of this movie theater.

Comparison with competitors

Your business data is compared weekly with its closest competitors: companies that are located nearby and provide similar services. Under Where clients go, you can check the comparison results for the last calendar week:

  • Your business position based on comparison results.
  • Names of competitors.
  • How the position changed during the week.
  • Share of users' attention. The percentage is calculated as the ratio of your business discovery traffic to the total discovery traffic for all the businesses selected for comparison: your company and competitors.

The names of direct competitors — organizations whose main activity is the same as yours — are written in black. Other organizations are indirect competitors. They have similar categories, but the main type of activity is different from yours.

On the map, you can specify your competitors' addresses. The top three competitors are marked with larger placemarks.


Under Statistics → Geovisor, you can find out:

  • From which Yandex services users click through to your business profile.
  • Traffic sources: Yandex.Maps search queries, placemarks, or a profile of another business.
  • How users interact with your business profile: Create routes, view the phone number, business hours, photos, or reviews. In this case, the actual action with a certain section or button in the profile is registered. The geovisor doesn't show whether the user submitted a rating or review.

It displays the last 50 handled sessions in the profile. Data processing is delayed 1-2 days. Information is anonymized. Only the session time is specified. Data in the geovisor is updated daily.

Why did users click through to my business profile from someone else's profile?
Each business profile has a section named Similar places nearby. Information in it is collected automatically. Your company's data in the section of someone else's profile attracted the user's attention and they clicked through to your business profile. The geovisor shows this particular session.