How to add a business

To add a new organization to the Yandex Business Directory, go to this page and enter the business name in the search line. If your business is not in the search results, click Add.

For more information, see the Adding a business section.

How to change information in the business profile

You can change the information about a business in Yandex.Maps. For more information, see the Editing information section.

I have several businesses. How do I combine them in a chain?

If you want to add your chain to the Yandex Business Directory and update the information, use the form below to write to the Yandex support service.

Enter information about the chain in the Message field:

  • The name of the chain.
  • The website of the chain.
  • The category in the Yandex Business Directory, or the type of business.
  • The common phone number for the chain.

Enter information about branches that exist in the Yandex Business Directory — the branch name and phone number. We will use this information to find them and link them to your chain.

Include your email address in the message. A notification will be sent to this address when information is processed and added.

How do I remove a business?

If you have discovered that there is no such business at the given address, you can inform us using a special form. For more information, see the Removing a business section.