Telegram bot

Translate using the Telegram bot, letting you quickly respond to messages from international colleagues or friends from other countries without switching between apps. You can also add the bot to a group chat so it translates messages into the languages of the chat participants.

The Yandex Translate Telegram bot supports all the languages from this list.

  1. Personal chat with the bot
  2. Group chat

Personal chat with the bot

To start working with the translator bot, follow the link.

The bot supports two commands:

  • /tolang sets the target language. For example, to translate a text into English, use the command /tolang en, /tolang English, or /tolang Английский. In the next message, enter and send the text you want to translate.

    Command Action Text to translate Translation Note

    /tolang en

    /tolang English

    Translate the message into English. Оливер, порекомендуй уютную кофейню в центре Лондона Oliver, recommend a cozy coffee shop in central London If you want subsequent texts to be translated into English, you don't have to re-enter the command.

    /tolang ru en

    /tolang Russian English

    Translate from Russian into English and from English into Russian alternately.

    Я хочу взять такси

    Oliver's supposed to meet me after the flight

    I want to take a taxi

    Оливер должен встретиться со мной после полета

    Translation works in both directions.

    /tolang cz fr en

    /tolang Czech French English

    Translate into multiple languages one by one. Оливер, порекомендуй уютную кофейню в центре Лондона Oliver, recommandez un café confortable dans le centre de Londres

    The bot will translate the text into the first supported language.

    If you haven't entered the command /tolang yet, messages sent in the chat will be translated into one of the two languages you use most frequently.

  • /mylang displays the language you're using. To change it, use the command /setmylang.

Group chat

To add the translator bot to a group chat, go to the settings at the top of the screen, select Add participants, and enter Yandex Translate. Any chat participant can do this.

Working with the translator bot in a group chat is different from working with it in a personal chat. In group chats, the following commands are used:

  • /tolang displays the languages used in the group chat, but doesn't set them. The list of languages for translation depends on the languages of the chat users. For example, if chat participants use Russian and English in the chat, you can only translate texts into those languages.
  • /mylang displays the language you're using. To change it, use the command /setmylang.

    If a language has already been used in the chat, you can't remove it manually. If the only person who used that language leaves the chat, translation into it will be automatically turned off 30 days later.