Product reviews

Check reviews of your brand and reply to them. By doing this, you can help answer users' questions and increase your brand credibility. Users see your comments marked with “Official company representative”.

  1. How to check reviews
  2. How to reply to a review

How to check reviews

You can find all reviews of your brand in the dashboard, on the Отзывы page. There are two ways to view reviews of a specific product:

  • Select a product and click its name in the product list.
  • Enter a product name in the Поиск по названию модели field.
You can select reviews (in the product list and of a specific product):
  • For a required period.
  • With a certain rating.
  • That have not been answered.
  • From reliable customers.

You can sort selected reviews by the date they were created: from new to old and vice versa.

How to reply to a review

Click Ответить under the review, write a comment, and submit it. The reply will appear on Yandex.Market instantly and will be marked with “Official company representative”. You can edit or delete the submitted comment unless it has a reply.