Recommended stores

Multiple stores can sell your product models on Yandex.Market. You can recommend the stores you trust: make them stand out and highlight their advantages.

After you recommend a store, its name is marked with a on Yandex.Market pages. When a customer clicks the icon, they see a link to the site with a description of the store's best features (for instance, high-quality and timely service).

Stores on Yandex.Market can use bids to improve the position of their product offers in the product profile or search results. You can also set bids for the stores that you recommend. Your bids will be added to the store bids.

Where the recommendation icon is displayed

Yandex.Market shows the recommendation icon in the desktop and mobile versions, as well as in the Android and iOS app.

Desktop version
  • Product model profile (the Товарное предложение по умолчанию and Топ-6 sections, the Цены and Карта pages).
  • Yandex.Market search results.
Mobile version
  • Product model profile (the Цены and Карта pages).
  • Yandex.Market search results.
Android and iOS apps
  • Product model profile (the Цены and Карта pages).
  • Yandex.Market search results.

The icon isn't displayed on sites that use data from the Yandex.Market content API, in Yandex.Market Adviser, or in Yandex search results.

How to recommend stores

  1. Log in to the dashboard (if you don't have access, request it).

    Make sure that the “Recommended stores” service is enabled.

  2. Notify the stores that they must transmit the vendor name in the vendor element when they send product listings to Yandex.Market. Without the vendor information, the recommendation icon won't be shown on Yandex.Market pages.
  3. List the following on a page on your site:
    • A list of stores that you want to recommend.
    • A description of the advantages these stores offer and the criteria for their participation in the program.
  4. In the dashboard, enter a link to the description of the store advantages on the Настройки page, in the Программа рекомендаций field.

  5. Select the pricing plan on the Магазины page. The plan determines the maximum number of stores you can add.

  6. Add stores to the list of recommended stores. To do this, click Добавить магазин on the Магазины page and enter the URL of the stores.

How to set bids for stores

  1. Log in to the dashboard.

  2. Enter bids for stores on the Магазины page.

    You can set separate bid for each store. To do this, click above the list of stores.

    You can also assign a universal bid that applies to all stores that don't have a bid set. To do this, click Применить единую ставку.

Your bids will take effect as soon as the agreement is signed and payment is received.