How to become a partner

Note. You can become a partner if you own a trademark or have exclusive rights to use one.

To get started with Yandex.Market:

Fill out the form

Note. The form is only available in Russian.
  1. Log in on Yandex (if you do not have a username yet, please register).

  2. Open the form.

  3. Enter the following:
    • Name of your company and link to its website.
    • Brands that you represent.
    • Contact information.
  4. Attach a copy of the trademark certificate to the form.

    If your company is not the trademark copyright owner, attach a copy of an approval letter granting the right to use it.

    If you have several brands, attach a copy of the requested document for each of them.

  5. Read the offer terms and accept them if you agree.

  6. Click Отправить анкету.

Get access to the dashboard

Wait for a Yandex.Market manager to contact you. The manager will check your rights to the brand and give you access to the dashboard. You will become an Administrator. You will be able to work with all services and grant other users access to them.