How to become a partner

Video search is based on information that we receive independently in accordance with the search license, as well as data we receive from our partners.

In video search results, we select the videos that best match the user's query. Video content is processed automatically with algorithms similar to the ones used in web search, such as ranking, query parsing, and spam suppression. It's based on analyzing titles, descriptions, tags, and other video attributes.

Changes in Yandex video search

Yandex video search is going through some changes to make sites with video content even more convenient and transparent for users. Starting January 2022, video search will show site players using embed (iframe) technology (without opening the source site) only if one of the following conditions is met:

  1. The site owner and Yandex signed a cooperation agreement about the use of information.
  2. The site owner confirmed that the site's user agreement allows showing its player to third-party sites using embed (iframe) technology.

Otherwise, links to videos posted on your site will show up in search results without your player.

Advantages of displaying a site player using embed (iframe) technology:

  • Your site player is displayed directly on the Yandex search results page.
  • Your site gets an advantage when search results are ranked since it helps the user solve their task more quickly.

If your site only uses video embedded from other sites, you don't need to sign a cooperation agreement with Yandex about the use of information or send a link to your user agreement. The player from these sites isn't shown in the search results.

Required documents
  • A notification about the partner's consent to the terms of the cooperation agreement that's signed by a person authorized to act on behalf of the site administrator.
  • A document that confirms the authority of the person who signed the consent notification. For example, a copy of a power of attorney or an order for appointment as general director.
  • A copy of a certificate or other document confirming that the site belongs to the partner.
Where to send documents

Send the document scans to Send the original of the consent notification and copies of the remaining documents to: ul. Lva Tolstogo, 16 119021 Moscow

When videos will appear in search results

To have your video indexed by Yandex, add tags to the data describing it.

How fast your page is indexed by Yandex robots depends on various factors. On average, it takes about a week after the robot visits your page for your video to appear in search results. The robot usually crawls larger sites faster and more often.

Please note that your pages might not be on our crawling list, or you haven't changed them for a long time, and the robot may now visit your site less often. Let us know about your changes:

The video failed to appear in search results

If you did everything correctly (added tags, checked them with our validator, and waited for the robot to crawl the site), but the video never became available in our search results, our algorithms may have regarded it as a spam attempt. This may occur if:

  • Your videos are described in too much detail (they contain a lot of popular words).

  • Your videos aren't described well enough.

  • The video description contains profanity.

  • Your site doesn't meet the conditions of our partner program.

Try changing something in the page content and video description and wait for them to be reindexed.

If you think that something went wrong on our side (i.e., you aren't getting the expected result), please contact video search support. They'll pass your message on to the service's developers.

My site isn't in the video search results

If your question is about including your site in the general Yandex search, use the Yandex.Webmaster feedback page.