How to improve the search for your videos

Video search offers video hosting sites, mass media, and private internet projects the chance to index their video materials posted openly on the internet. Indexed videos become available to Yandex search. The search results pages contain video previews, names, and text descriptions.

To make your videos appear in the search results:

1. Support the player requirements

For the player to be displayed in the search results and display all transmitted data without errors (including things like ad scripts and styles), make sure it supports HTTPS.

To display ads in the player, don't use hidden click areas, banners that interfere with watching videos, or other types of intrusive ads. Make sure that you follow the ad requirements.

To learn more about setting up the player display in video search results, go to Player requirements.

2. Use markup for your videos and player

  • Transmit as much data about videos as possible

    The more details you provide in the descriptions, the easier it is for users to find your videos. Use additional attributes so that your video content is shown in the search results interface in the most informative way. A complete description makes it more likely that your video will be shown in the search results for a wider class of queries. It also helps the search to respond more accurately to user queries.

    Video search supports several markup standards. We recommend that you combine the possible methods to allow the Yandex robot to crawl your site pages more often, quickly index up-to-date information, and process large amounts of changing data.

    To learn more about video indexing settings, see Data transmission methods.

  • Transmit data to build the player

    If the player is built correctly in video search, videos can be played without additional clicks and click-throughs, which makes it more convenient for users. Information about user viewing behavior is used to determine how relevant the video is to the search query.

    To be part of the mobile search, you must transmit information about the correct HTML5 player building method on the video search results pages. That way you can retain your viewers and improve your site's ranking in mobile search results.

    To learn more about transferring data for building the video player, see Player requirements.