Search and view videos

Video search works according to the License to use Yandex search engine. The service finds videos that are posted on public video resource sites.

To generate search results, the system automatically processes videos: it analyzes the name, description, tags, and other video attributes. It also uses video ranking, query parsing, spam suppressing, and other algorithms.

By default, the service searches for videos without considering when they were posted. The upload date is shown next to the video name.

  1. Search mode
  2. Choosing a video hosting site for playing a video
  3. Search on specific sites
  4. Popular query suggestions
  5. Related objects
  6. The “TV series” block
  7. Short vertical videos

Search mode

There are several video search modes available:

  • Unlimited: No filtering. Search results show any content found, including adult videos (18+).

  • Moderate: Adult videos (18+) show up in search results if the query is explicitly aimed at finding them. This is the default mode.

  • Family mode: Adult video content (18+) is completely excluded from search results (even if the query is explicitly aimed at finding such resources). The mode stays enabled even if you reopen the video search tab.

    To enable Family mode:

    1. In Filter search results at the bottom of the page, select Family mode.

    2. Click Save.

    To disable Family mode, select any other mode in Filter search results and click Save. Child accounts are an exception: Family search mode is enabled for them by default and you can't disable it.

    Learn more about enabling and disabling Family mode.

Choosing a video hosting site for playing a video

If a video is found on multiple hosting sites, while watching it, you can choose the one to play the video from. To change the default source, click next to its name in the video player.

Popular query suggestions

Popular query suggestions are displayed in search results for movies, cartoons, TV series, TV shows, and animated series.

The recommendations block is created automatically based on search query analysis, related objects, successful experience when processing other users' queries, and your preferences, if such data are available. Learn more.

Related objects

Related objects in video search are a selection of search queries that are connected to your query by association or have something in common with it. Related objects are displayed in the search results as cards in a separate block.

Depending on object type, the card may provide additional information. For a movie, its rating, year of release, and genre are indicated.

The related objects block is formed automatically based on Yandex Information card technology. Data from KinoPoisk, Wikipedia, and other trusted sources is used to create the block.

To view the search results for a related object, click on the object card.

The “TV series” block

The “TV series” block is displayed for queries about TV series at the top of the video search results. You can use the block to switch between seasons and episodes quickly and remember which episodes you've watched.

Restriction. You can only watch movies and TV series that are publicly available or for which you have a subscription.

The “TV series” block is generated automatically based on various factors, including analysis of search queries and user behavior in video search. The block also uses the Yandex Information card feature and open source data from Wikipedia, KinoPoisk, and the portal.

If you want to leave feedback about the block, contact us.

Short vertical videos

The block includes content from Yandex video search partners that have vertical and short (up to 3-minute) videos without ads posted on their site.