Frequently asked questions about Yandex Weather

Yandex Weather shows the weather forecast for different cities around the world. Forecasts are made using the Meteum technology.

How to use the service

How do I change the city?

Where is data coming from?

Why is the detailed forecast made only for 10 days?


How do I view the weather archive?

How are times of day differentiated?

How are daylight hours calculated?


when will it stop raining

What does lightning on the map mean?

Why can't I see the precipitation map?


What is the current type of wind?

How do I enable wind animation?


What does “Feels like” mean?

Why does a short-term temperature forecast differ from a detailed one?

How do I compare temperatures in different cities?

Why is there no water temperature in the forecast?

Other forecast indicators

Is the pressure high today?

What is the current phase of the moon?

What does the UV index mean?