Tools overview

Robots.txt analysis
Helps you check if the robots.txt file on your site is composed correctly, find out if a specific URL is allowed for indexing, as well as view the history of file changes. Learn more
Sitemap validator
Helps you check if the Sitemap file on your site is formed correctly. After the check, you can upload the file to Yandex.Webmaster, so the robot quickly crawled its contents. Learn more
Server response check
Helps you check if the site pages are available for the main Yandex robots. Learn more
Removing pages from search results
Allows you to speed up the removal of a specific site page, directory, or the entire site from search results. Learn more
Audit pages for mobile compatibility

Helps you determine how well your site pages are optimized for mobile devices. Learn more

XML validator
Helps you check the XSD schemas of your site's document (syntax, structure, content model, and data types) generated for participation in Yandex Affiliate programs. Learn more
Structured data validator
Helps you check the micro-markup on your site: microformats,, Open Graph, microdata HTML and RDFa. Learn more

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You can use the structured data validator to check an HTML fragment of a page. Try editing the code directly in the validator and re-checking it after each change to find a mistake in the markup.

For a detailed description of errors, see Structured data validator.

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