Site content

Depending on your site's content, you can mark up certain data such as an office address or detailed parameters for particular pages.

Such data may be used to improve the presentation of your site in search results (creating special snippets). Extra information in the snippet makes the site more noticable in the search output.

For each site topic, the data is processed in a certain way. For more information on how to send the data and how Yandex is going to use it, read the Help sectionson relevant site topics.

Below is a full list of the data types the site owners can currently send. This list will expand over time.

The way of sending the data depends in the site topic. If the amount of data is small and it changes little with time, it is enough to fill in the Yandex.Webmaster form. For example, you can use this way to send the address information.

Large amounts of frequently changing data (for example, product catalogues with prices) can be sent in XML format. If the data does not need to be updated often but there is a large amount of it, use semantic markup in the site code.

We use microformats wherever possible, as this markup is commonly used and can be read not only by Yandex. In some cases, a webmaster can choose the format: for example, culinary websites have several options available.