Analysis of user behavior

To increase the number of orders, purchases or other desired user actions, pay attention to the users' behavior on the site: what pages they stay on, which the route they navigate through the site, why they fail to reach the target pages (for example, the product order page), which pages make it difficult to find information on the site, which pages attract the most attention, and so on. To analyze user behavior use traffic counters. We recommend using Yandex.Metrica. In addition, it is useful to regularly analyze web server logs that contain system information and the log of user actions on the site.

You should note:

  • Sources of traffic. If you find out where from the users come to your site you can understand which resources provide the site traffic. Monitor the changes in the report. They can indicate issues with a new or existing source. If your site has new traffic sources, analyze these users' behavior on the site. Perhaps the new visitors' behavior will require further changes on the site.

  • Search queries. Use this report to track new search phrases entered by your site's users.

  • Choose the target pages where the users perform the desired action. For example, adding an item to the cart, order checkout or filling out the form. The share of users who complete the action is called conversion. There are many books about increasing conversion. Here we just say that it is important to continually experiment and analyze the result of the changes. Change the visual presentation of important links, prompt the user to the path and analyze.

  • Statistics on technical parameters of the user's computer: screen resolution, browser version, operating system. Often the site looks quite different from you expect viewed in different browsers and at different resolutions. Try to take this into account and, if possible, check.

In addition, we recommend that you configure notifications (including SMS) in Yandex.Metrica about hosting issues. Some content management systems (CMS) also supports a similar feature.

Also keep in mind that internet connection speeds vary for users. If you expect that some of your site's visitors may have a slow connection, minimize the size of the site pages. For example, avoid using images of several megabytes as design elements, and so on.


Analyze the users' behavior on your site with Yandex.Metrica. Make the site user-friendly.