External links

The External links page contains examples of links to your website from other resources. It includes the links from pages known to the robot. However, some links might not be displayed on the page.

The Yandex robot regularly checks if external links are available and valid. Depending on the results of such checks, the following information may be displayed:

  • The URL of the page that has a link to your site.
  • Link text on the resource.
  • The URL of the page that the link leads to.
  • The date when the Yandex robot found a link on the resource.
  • The date when the link's information was last updated.

This information allows you to track new links and identify broken links. In addition, you can generate a report only for removed links and find out the removal date.

Note. If a large number of external links appear in the list, it doesn't affect the site status in the search, unless you use techniques aimed at deceiving search engines. To remove links to your site from a resource, contact the owner of this resource or its hosting provider.

If the pages that contain the links are no longer included in the search results and aren't available to the Yandex robot, the information about them will disappear from Yandex.Webmaster after a while. This will happen as the information about them is updated in the robot's database.

  1. Viewing information
  2. Data filtering
  3. Reasons why some links might not be displayed in the section


Why does the robot request non-existent pages/subdomains on my site?

Probably the robot found links to them somewhere and tried to index them. Non-existent subdomains and pages should be unavailable or return a 404 error code. This way the robot will index only the useful pages of your site.

There are links to my site from low-quality sites
When developing ranking algorithms, we tried to minimize the possibility that the site indexing or ranking is influenced from the outside. If you don't want users to use such links to come to your site, please contact the owners of the sites that contain these links, or the hosting providers on whose servers these sites are located. If the links are removed, information about them disappears from Yandex.Webmaster automatically.
The number of incoming links to my site has increased dramatically
The robot monitors changes on sites, and if a link to your site appears on any pages, this information is displayed in the Links → External links section in Yandex.Webmaster.
There is a link to my site, but it isn't displayed in the service

The link may not be displayed in Yandex.Webmaster if:

  • The page where the link to your site is located is unknown to the robot.
  • The link can lead to a non-primary mirror of your site: using a different protocol (HTTP or HTTPS), with or without the www prefix.
  • If the resource contains several links to the same page of your site and the link text is the same, Yandex.Webmaster displays only one of these links.
  • The link is formatted as text, meaning it isn't a clickable hyperlink (for example, www.yandex.com).
  • The link doesn't point directly at your site, but links via an intermediary page with a redirect (including a link from a social network).
  • The link was very recently added to the page. The robot hasn't indexed this page yet.

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