Assistance in user behavior simulation

The user behavior simulator is a search promotion method used to influence a site's position in search results. It involves using special software or web services that imitate users' visits to the site from search engines.

However, sometimes such deception is performed with the help of ordinary internet users who are forced to simulate real site visits from search results. For example, using a special captcha that asks a user to enter the specified query and click the site address.

Such visits do not make the site better and more interesting for users and are considered as search spam. Thus, the sites that encourage these visits are also considered as search spam.

Yandex detected that I have this violation. How do I fix it?

You must completely refuse from using the above methods on your site. Our algorithms will track this, and the ranking restrictions will be automatically removed (you don't need to do anything else).

I removed everything. When will the restrictions be removed from the site?

The restrictions are usually lifted within a month after you eliminate the violations.

You are mistaken. I have nothing like this on my site!

Check all your site modules provided by the third-party services. Pay special attention to captcha if you use it on the site. If you've checked everything and are sure that there is no such violation on the site, we recommend that you use the I fixed it button on the Security and violations page in Yandex.Webmaster.


You can click the I fixed it button again for the same site after a month. Further, this period is increased up to three months to avoid the button misuse. Therefore, we recommend using the button only when you are sure that there are no more violations on the site.

If multiple users have website management rights in Yandex.Webmaster, agree on who will send the website for re-checking and when. After clicking the button, none of the users will be able to click it again within a month.