Useless content, spam, excess advertising

The main task of the search is to provide users with a variety of answers to their queries in a convenient way. But some sites have low search value, as they can't give a good, quality response to the user's query. Yandex considers such sites as non-compliant with the basic quality standards. You can identify such sites by the following features:

  • The site doesn't contain valuable original content and doesn't provide any useful services.
  • Site pages contain to much advertising, which makes it difficult to view the site.
  • The site uses search engine spam: re-optimization, SEO links, and so on.

Yandex detected that I have this violation. How do I fix it?

You should make the site useful and easy to view. Add original interesting content or some functionality. If your site uses advertising, reduce the number of ads to a user-friendly level. Refuse from any search spam. Make the site useful and attractive for the visitors.

After the violation on the website is eliminated, you can use the I fixed it button on the Security and violations page in Yandex.Webmaster to inform the robot of the actions you completed.


You can click the I fixed it button again for the same site after a month. Further, this period is increased up to three months to avoid the button misuse. Therefore, we recommend using the button only when you are sure that there are no more violations on the site.

If multiple users have website management rights in Yandex.Webmaster, agree on who will send the website for re-checking and when. After clicking the button, none of the users will be able to click it again within a month.

I fixed it. When will restrictions be lifted?

The restrictions are usually lifted within a month after you eliminate the violations.

I believe there is nothing like this on my site

Use the I fixed it button. This will help Yandex algorithms evaluate your site correctly. If the site is really high-quality, the restrictions will be lifted over time.

I don't understand what exactly is wrong with the site?

The Yandex algorithms evaluate the site quality based on a number of factors. It is difficult to identify any factor (set of factors) that makes the greatest negative contribution to the site evaluation. You should improve the overall quality of the site so that it fully complies with the basic requirements.

The violation mark disappeared, but my site pages are still not in the search. What should I do?

If the mark disappears, it means that our algorithms no longer find violations on the site's pages. In some cases, it may take some time for these changes to appear in the search. This usually happens after one or two search database updates, which takes about two weeks on average.