Separating site mirrors

Sites that were previously merged into a group of mirrors may become ungrouped if:

  • There are no redirects from one site to another.
  • One of the sites isn't accessible to the robot.

As a rule, ungrouping occurs within a few weeks after the Yandex robot visited the sites. You can speed up ungrouping:

  1. Go to Yandex.Webmaster and select the site recognized as a secondary mirror.
  2. On the Separate mirrors page, click the Apply button.

When the sites are separated, they will be displayed in Yandex.Webmaster separately from each other.

If your request for site separation isn't accepted, it means that at least one of the site versions has a redirect set up. Check all the versions of the site:,,,,, and

For Yandex.Webmaster to inform you about ungrouping of sites, configure notifications (Main mirror update) for the main mirror and secondary ones.

A notification about ungrouping can also come if the robot's database doesn't contain information about a secondary mirror. A secondary mirror isn't included in the search results, so the information about it is deleted from the robot's database over time. This doesn't affect the state of the main mirror in the search results.

How do I check that the robot database doesn't contain information about the site
In Yandex.Webmaster, go to Indexing → Crawl statistics and check it for the required data. If there is no information in the database, Yandex.Webmaster displays zero values or a message saying “Data will appear soon”.

How do I group the sites again

Reason for site separation Recommendations
No redirect from one site to another is set up or it doesn't work

If both sites respond with the 200 OK HTTP code, they can participate in search results independently of each other. For more information, see the blog

To group sites, set up a redirects from the site that shouldn't be included in the search results to the needed one and use the Moving a site tool.

One of the sites is not accessible to the robot.

If a site is unavailable, it will be ungrouped and excluded from the search results.

Check the availability of the site and, if necessary, set up a redirect.

The robot's database doesn't contain data about a secondary mirror In this case, there is no need to glue the sites again. You can send a request to move the site, but Yandex doesn't guarantee that the sites will be gouped together.

If you followed the instructions above and sent a request for separating the sites, but they weren't separated after a month, fill out the form: