Changing the service plan

Attention. If you subscribed in the app, you can only change your service plan in the app. To learn more, see Help for the Yandex.Mail (for Android and iOS) or the Yandex.Disk app (for Android and iOS).
You can switch to a more expensive service plan and enjoy the advanced subscription features or activate an annual subscription instead of a monthly one. To do this:
  1. Go to the rates page.
  2. Select a service plan and click Buy.
The unused days of your current subscription will be added to your new subscription.

To switch from an annual subscription to a monthly payment plan, disable automatic renewal of your current subscription, wait until it expires, and then sign up for a new service plan.

Important. You can't buy multiple subscriptions. You can only have one active subscription. This means you can only replace your current subscription with a new one.