Copy a banner


If a campaign uses viewable impressions as the impression count method, only banners added via templates (with the [context] tag) can be copied to the campaign. The account administrator or assistant can check whether the template contains this tag in the template parameters.

To copy a banner to an existing ad campaign:

  1. Open the Campaigns tab.

  2. Find the campaign to copy banners to and click Banners.

  3. In the window that opens, click Copy created.

  4. Specify the parameters of the campaign to copy banners from and click Find.

  5. Select the desired campaign from the list.

  6. Select the banners that you want to copy and choose a copy method:

    • Content: To copy only the banner parameters contents.
    • Content/placement: To copy the banner parameters and placement.
    • Content/placement/targeting: To copy the banner parameters, placement, and targeting.
    • Content/placement/targeting/restrictions: To copy the banner parameters, placement, targeting, and restrictions.
  7. Click Add.

The selected banners will be copied to the ad campaign. To add banners from another campaign, repeat the process.

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